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What Exactly Are Access Control Systems?


Access Control TempeAccess control systems are security system installation that ensure your property has the best possible security by allowing only key holders enter the premises when you want them to. They can ensure security to the gates to your house or the entrance to your office building or any secure entrance that you care to choose, plus you can add home security cameras in new orleans la to make your property even much more safe. We have all seen electronic gates that slide open to premises when vehicles approach and a key holder can electronically open the gates when they arrive. This same method can be applied to the front doors of an office building or even doors within the building. As the term suggests, an access control system controls access of an individual in a specified area. This is generally an office, a locker strong room, the record room of an institution, treasury and currency rooms of banks, chemical storerooms of large nuclear power stations and similar places where entry cannot be granted to everyone.


Other than the places mentioned above, even computers, car locks, ATM machines many other simple facilities which we come across on a daily basis make use of this modern age technology called access control systems.


Access Control SystemsA computer aided access control system involves the use of a programmed mechanism. Here, the master system is updated with a number of variables – each representing an employee code. For example: the employee is required to possess a card which contains his details electronically, and which has a common remote sensing mechanism.


When the data on the system and the card matches, the person is granted permission to enter. In this scenario, we would need an instant response from the master system. This marks the final step of the initial access processing.


A commonly used access control system used today is the security door entry for opening the door. The mechanism of access control is installed in the main entrance and anyone who wants to go through the door needs to display their card to the reader on the door.


Those who do not have the access card are entered manually after noting the details in a register kept with the security personnel. One excellent methods of ensuring regulated security door entry is with access cards and the master mechanism installed at the door. Access card systems are excellent because they offer adequate security to the area under access control.


An engineer may be sent by the manufacturer who will then an install access control system at the place you request it. You need to do a complete test run so that you ensure that the system functions even at critical times. After that you can install the security door entry at your main entrance.


A request can be placed with the supplier of your access control system for installing the same at any place within the office confines as well office. The system can be installed in various entry and exit points in your office.


What Extra Features Can You Have For Access Control Systems?


Obviously the most basic access control systems would be that anyone with a key can open the gates or doors in question. The key may be a fob, or even an automatic recognition that is activated when a vehicle approaches. More sophisticated access control systems would include a device that not only allows only certain people through, but it decides what times of day that they can access the premises. This would mean that staff who are allowed to enter the building during office hours for example, would not be allowed to enter in the middle of the night when they should not be there.

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