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Reason to change your locks in Tempe, AZ

Lost keys.

This is one of the most common reason why many people change their door locks. In cases where you lose your keys it is advisable to change your locks. This is because you may not be sure how you lost the keys. Your lost keys may have landed into the hands of criminals who later use them to access your home. Changing your locks will ensure that no one can access your home using the previously lost keys. This will keep your home safe and keep you confident concerning the safety of your home.

New house.

new home1If you are moving to a new house make sure you change your locks immediately. The previous owners of the house may hand over their keys to you but this is not enough to guarantee you of your safety. Previous owners of the home may have given their keys to other people who might use the keys to access your home. Make sure you get a new set of keys and locks once you move to a new home. This will ensure that however used keys for the previous owners of the home can never access your home.


A break-in is definitely a reason to change locks in your home or office. This is because you can never be too sure whether the people who tried to break in had a copy of your keys. To ensure you are safe from future break-ins make sure you change your locks immediately after the break-in. in case of a break, a change of locks is necessary for purposes of improving and strengthening the security of your premises. This is because the reason for a break-in is definitely a sign of weakness in the security system of the premises.

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Changes in technology and tear.

A change in technology is a major reason to change your locks. You cannot continue having out dated locks while there are new and advanced locks in the market. New technology locks are more efficient and provide better security to your premises. It is important to continuously change locks to catch up with new technology. Tear is another reason to change your locks. Old locks are exposed to tear and wear over time and it is important to change them when they get old. This keeps the security of your premises and also improves efficiency.

Given out spare keys.

handing keysIf you have ever given out spare keys to either repair men or friends you can never be guaranteed that your home is completely safe. Your spare key might have been returned but you still do not know if a duplicate of your key was made. To be on the safe side make sure you replace your locks from time to time. This is to prevent people who have your spare keys from accessing your home at their will.

It is also advisable to keep changing your locks as part of your routine security precaution. Having the same kind of locks for a long period of time may bring familiarity and this compromises on security.

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