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The biggest concern for any home owner or business owner is security. It is very important to keep your loved ones as well as your possessions safe from those people who might harm it or steal them. The best way to protect your loved ones and belongings from any harm or danger is to limit access to them or simply by locking them. Sometimes, there are situations that require more than a single lock. The best way to protect your loved ones and possessions is by installing deadbolt locks at your home.


Deadbolt lock2Deadbolts locks are extremely common kind of lock that works as secondary lock in order to provide extra security and support to the primary lock. These kinds of locks work by sliding thick metal bolt in to the frame of the door in order to lock the door and slide it back again when access is granted through a thumbscrew and a key. Its bolt is often very strong and thick that make these locks much stronger than any other types of locks. Here are the different kinds of deadbolt locks.


Deadbolt Locks – What Are Your Options


  • – Single Cylinder Deadbolts: These kinds of deadbolts are the most common kinds. These are been used to provide extra security to the door. These are found in most of the residential homes. These kinds of locks feature a key access from the exterior of home or cylinder and a thumbscrew on inside.
  • – Double Cylinder Deadbolts: These kinds of deadbolts are much similar to the single ones expect that it feature a key access on inside as well as outside for extra security. The benefit of having these is that the intruders cannot force themselves in to it. These kinds of locks are usually been used in work places and these cannot be opened from inside without a key.
  • – Vertical Sliding Deadbolts: These kinds of locks are been designed to be bolted from the inside of the door. It is placed on top of the door that makes impossible for the intruder to open it.
  • – Hybrid Deadbolts: These kinds of deadbolts have double cylinder with thumbscrew. These have cylinder access on both the sides of the lock and it also has a lockable thumbscrew on its inside. It offers security of double cylinder and it has practical safety features of the single cylinder.
  • rim deadbolt– Rim Deadbolts: These kinds of deadbolts are mounted on the inside face of the door. This kind of lock locks the door automatically every time when it is closed. This makes you feel more secure.
  • – Mortise Deadbolts: These kinds of deadbolts are been installed in a mortise that can be found on the edge of the door. It makes it quite hard to tamper. These locks are strong; still it requires a large hole in the door that weakens the structure.
  • – Digital Deadbolts: These kinds of deadbolts are exactly like the keyless deadbolt that uses keypad instead of keyhole. These kinds of locks require an electric power or battery in order to work properly.

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